A downloadable game for Windows

Uploading the contents of the Worm Odyssey cartridge I found...

                   !!-Important Controls-!!

D-pad: ..WASD  = Movement
A: ......Alt   = Stiffen
B: ......Space = Ball form
X: ......E     = Do Trick
Y: ......Shift = Boost (uses mana(uses warm nutrient))
Start: ..Esc   = Go to character select

F5 - Toggles full screen
F4 - Closes the game
F1 - Restarts the game


Worm Odyssey.exe 17 MB


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Someday Oney and Zach will play this


These are the types of games we need, Physics Based Shenanigans.


dang it, you stole my idea for worm odyssey