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In Nanima you can create a modular battleship from a selection of parts in order to fight an array of hostile microorganisms. Parts can be bought or found on enemies then welded to the hull of your ship, and can range from thrusters to cannons to solar panels.

   It's in its early stages and I'd love to hear anyone's first impressions. If people seem interested I'll continue adding more parts, enemies, areas and overall polish. So if you enjoy the game or find any bugs feel free to leave a comment or email me at pwcbrock@gmail.com all criticism welcome. Thanks for checking it out!


©PWCB 2017

Install instructions

The current build of the game is a self contained Exe file, just open Nanima.exe to begin. Windows may prompt you saying "Windows protected your PC", you can bypass this by clicking "more info" > "run anyway".


Nanima.exe 47 MB

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